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IndigoPark employs a 6-stage process with our larger scale jobs to ensure a great end result.

discover. We work with our clients to identify the problem to be solved and frame it in a way that IndigoPark can help develop and provide a business solution. During this process we will identify the desired objective, design, technology, scope and budget. We will define any constraints. By the end of this phase we should have a clear vision of the problem to be addressed and the scope of the project.

design. Using the outline created in phase I, project specifications are identified and we develop a series of visual concepts to project our ideas based on your input and our own research. We will explore issues in areas including function, branding, design, and technology constraints.

develop. This stage involves the production and implementation of the solution. This phase will include implementation and and beta testing of the solution.

deploy. This stage ensures that the product is rolled out in an appropriate manner. Testing and final approvals ensure the product is delivered as outlined.

measure.Once the product is launched we can then monitor and provide analysis. Reports will be submitted on a weekely or monthly basis as needed.

training.Once the product is delivered we work with our clients to ensure that they understand how to maintain the final product. Any documentation would be handed off at this final stage.